January 30, 2008

MySpace narc gets bit in butt

From a public defender:

Three degrees of YOU’RE A PREDATOR!

If you don’t have a MySpace or Facebook account, you’re nobody. Especially teens. Everyone has them and then some. So when middle school resource officer John Nohejl in Florida decided to set up a MySpace account so he could communicate with students in ways they do (with the blessing of the school), it seemed like a brilliant idea...

From I Speak of Dreams:

Is Officer Nohejl this year's Julie Amaro?

He set up a MySpace account - most of his MS "friends" are students in the Pasco County School District. One of his 170+ friends had a link to a porn site. Now Officer Nohejl is now under investigation by the Florida attorney general’s cyber crimes unit... (this one is rich with links)

Good luck with that, officer. Meanwhile, we have to keeping warning the youths: It's not just the pr0n that'll get you online, it's the cops!