January 26, 2008

CA: "I really believe in the work"

From the North (San Diego) County Times:

Ready to Rumble for justice

Some would-be lawyers aspire to fame or fortune when they leave law school. Wil Rumble says he had something different in mind. The 46-year-old attorney and North County resident has focused his career on representing defendants who cannot afford private attorneys.

Today, he works in San Diego County's Multiple Conflicts Office defending clients in some of the county's most serious cases, including three high-profile North County cases involving defendants charged with murder. "My job is to protect my client from what (U.S. Supreme Court) Justice Thurgood Marshall said was the 'awesome power of the state,' " Rumble said...


Miss Welby said...

hello Skelly, it seems to me that the guy is a good one who has chosen to defend poor people rather than pursuing a money-making career. because of my poor English I don't understand whether you approve of him or are sarcastic.

anyway, I was passing by just to say that in Europe we follow with great attention what happens in the American blogosphere in this year of presidential election. that's why I've given you a link in my blogroll among those I reckon are the 50 finest American bloggers - visit me and see if you want to reciprocate the link.

ciao and best wishes, keep up the good job!

Skelly said...

I approve of him. His job is similar to mine and my colleagues'.

In my blog, I italicize words that are not my own, but are lifted from other blogs or news articles. I think that the headline writer of this article meant to make a play of words between the lawyer's surname and a phrase from an American professional wrestling TV show, "Are you ready to rumble?"

Sancho said...

Hi Skelly,

I worked with Wil many moons ago, he's a good man and it was nice to see the short piece on him.