January 16, 2008

"She's baaaack..."

From A Year in the Life:

Counting Down to Maternity Leave

Disclaimer: I really do love my job (most of the time).

That being said, it has its challenging moments... Now, one of the things about my office (and likely many PD offices) is that once I get assigned to handle a client's case, that person is mine forever -- until I'm burnt out and quit, or I just die. Its good because you really get to know a person and all aspects of that person's life, but there are times when it really makes you want to quit your job, just to escape a certain someone. I've been living a pretty peaceful existence for the past year, every now and again wondering "what ever happened to so-and-so". Well, so-and-so came back last week...

I've noticed this too, to the point where I'm essentially on a retainer as in-house counsel for a number of impulsively - impaired South Sound youth. The difference is, my clients age out when they turn 18.


Dennis K said...

Aw darn it -

I saw the title on my RSS feeder, and thought you may be talking about our favorite Durango native.

Liz Ditz said...

As I wend my way through grad school (M.Ed. & Educational Therapy cert.) one of the things I really want to get a handle on is the underdiagnosis & treatment of ADHD in low-SES communities.

If you don't like the ADHD label, let's try "executive function dysfunction".

If that doesn't work -- impulsivity-impaired individuals works for me.

I've seen various stats -- up to 80% of <30 year olds doing time (jail, prison) have untreated learning disabilities and/or attentional difficulties.