January 19, 2008

ID: a voice crying in the desert

I found the online site for Rep. Nicole LeFavour (D-Boise), blogging from the floor of the Idaho legislature. This week she and some colleagues took a tour of the prison - industrial complex south of town and took some cellphone pictures (looks like IMSI - "Max," I think).

I went out there a few times on the job in better weather; the place looks even more miserable with the snow and the inversion. If I were still in that job, LeFavour would be my state representative. She seems like a decent and thoughtful politician, though I imagine her head gets sore from so much banging it against the wall.

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Chris said...

I met Rep. LeFavour a couple of years back. Real cool lady. Good at finding common ground with the kooks that largely populate the Idaho legislature.

And I agree IMSI is depressing.