January 09, 2008

WA: Your Honor, you can love the p.d., you just can't loooooooove the p.d.

From the Olympian:

Federal Way judge admits relationship with lawyer, resigns

A Federal Way Municipal Court judge has resigned after hosting a holiday party at which she claimed to be having an affair with a public defender who routinely appeared in her court.

Judge Colleen Hartl quit Dec. 19, less than a week after telling her guests - including five court employees - that she had sex with public defender Sean Cecil, and displaying a text message in which he complimented how she looked in "tight jeans," Michael Morgan, the court's presiding judge, said Wednesday. A news release from the city cited "personal and health" reasons for the resignation...

Update: the story made the ABA Journal ("Judge Blabs About Affair With Lawyer, Then Quits") and made Shelley smirk.

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Shelley said...

Ahh! From my class! And so not surprised.