January 14, 2008

NV: federal p. d. for Obama

The Nevada caucuses are on Saturday. If you're a Nevadan, Vito De La Cruz - Community Leader would like you to vote for Barack Obama.

I noticed that the first version of the endorsement read, "Vito De La Cruz- Public Defender, Community Leader." The current version from the Obama campaign has scrubbed the "Public Defender" part of the caption. You know me, always looking for the slightest slight to the p.d. profession. Oh well, if it helps Barack pick up an extra delegate over Hillary in Elko County, well then, go right and slight us I suppose.

Nonetheless, cool guy, Vito De La Cruz. He's an assistant federal public defender in Reno, instructor at NCDC, and lecturer on the NACDL tape, "Cross-Cultural Communications: I Know You Don't Like Me, Just Give Me What I'm Entitled To." He also has a CD out.

When we lived in Yakima and De La Cruz practiced there, I was impressed when I saw him in action a few times. My wife only saw him once, but once enough to count: it was just before she ran him over at the intersection of N. 3rd St. and Chestnut (in her defense, my wife would like you to know that he may not have been in the crosswalk at the time).

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Anonymous said...

I suspect his office has the same rule as mine, you can do politics, you just can't say you're a PD.